Saturday, 11 December 2010

Angel's Laughter

Her sweet sound gives wings to my heart;
Her impeccable tone inspires many an art.
She's a tear-jerker when she weeps;
She's a grin-maker when she laughs.

Oh! What all she does to me!

She sings a different song to different people.
She holds their hands, taking them to unexplored havens.
When she's happy, she keeps me afloat.
When she's sad, she keeps me grounded.

She gets not weary of me,
Though I embrace her every night.
I do not get bored of her,
Listening to her voice every night.

The way she makes me feel,
The tinkling laughter she spills for me,
When I place just one of my fingers
On one of her eighty eight!
A divine tinkle it is,
An angel's twinkle it is.

How much I melt
Just to the sound of a piano!

Monday, 6 December 2010

Delightful December

It is the month
When I love getting slapped
By the tender hands of Ms. Winter Breeze.
It is the month
When people are wrapped
To keep themselves warm and not to freeze.

It is the month
When aeroplanes fly
With lights on even during the day.
It is the month
When frogs try
To find someone to love, to be very gay.

It is the month
When I get to say,
"Happy birthday" at least thrice a week.
It is the month
When jealousy is kept at bay
And children wish to get what they seek.

It is the month
When people celebrate
To bid 'bye' to the past, to usher in the new.
It is the month
When we enjoy the climate
On a plant is the flower, on the flower is the dew.

It is the month
Which I love the most
Not only because I was born in it.
It is the month
Which I love the most
Also because 'RAJNIKANTH' was born in it!!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Toy Story!!

Little Bo Peep lost her sheep.
Thinking of her, Woody lost his sleep.
He saved the animals from evil Pork Chop.
Of all his feats, this is certainly on top.

And there lived Jessie
Whose hair wasn't messy.
She first lived with Stinky
And then with Slinky.

She rode Bullseye;
Buzz Lightyear was her guy.
The Potatoheads were her friends,
Whose sizzling romance never ends.

They adopted Squeeze Toy Aliens
That were quite unlike homo sapiens.
PH* saved their lives; they are eternally grateful.
When the toys were in danger, they did the needful.

They were friends with a Sergeant,
A man who was diligent.
They all despised Sid,
Who tortures many did.

Woody's pal was a dinosaur,
One that was never the cynosure.
Rex was his name,
Ever ready for a game.

They all came handy
To entertain Andy,
Blessed to have such toys
That spread numerous joys.

*-short for Potatohead.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Oh! Wicked Universe

Oh! Wicked universe,
With your wicked ways.
Impregnating the heart with many a dream,
Inscribing on the mind many a thought.
Is it a game you play with innocent souls?
Or a test you keep for our indomitable spirits?

You open a window,
But you close the door.
How are we to enter paradise?
The weak are meek;
They don't get what they seek.
Those strong like teak
Only reach the peak.

How wonderful you are!
You make a complicated conflict
Between the heart and the mind.
It's a fierce bettle
Between being practical and positive,
Rendering us helpless,
Making us toil so much.

But then,
Isn't the fruit that waits long
The ripest of all?

Monday, 8 November 2010

Conscious Efforts

In a fit of rage I yell
On top of my voice.
My Adam's apple bears the brunt;
The decibel level reaches a high;
The listeners' ear drums take the strain.

In the fading moments of tension and wrath
I regret shouting at my mother,
I regret losing my cool.

Patience - a saintly virtue
Should I adopt,
For fury is not worth my time,
Fury is not a worthy emotion.

Umpteen resolutions have gone in vain,
Countless "sorry"s have vanished in thin air,
Making me regret, regret
And do nothing but regret.

I admit I'm imperfect,
But I'm ashamed
I don't make an effort
To change my self,
To behave as to not regret later.

With oodles of grit and conscious efforts
Will I try my best to achieve what I need.

After all,
Rome was not built in a day.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Aham Brahmaasmi

In the drop of paint that unites bristles;
In the notes of music born out of reeds
Is one of the most fulfilling deeds,
Completing which the heart joyously sizzles.

While holding a pencil to make a sketch,
While twisting the legs to make a step,
While saying a joke to make feel pep,
While producing music with a magical touch.

While giving shape to a mound of clay,
While stringing words to make a verse,
While knitting yarn to make a purse
Moments of idleness does a man slay.

While breathing life into an inanimate figure,
While chiseling an idol out of a rock
Mortality does the creator mock.
His/her heart does grow bigger and bigger.

Glowing bright, creative light
Exhibits its eternal, joy-giving force.
An artist in his/her life's course
Demons many does he/she tirelessly fight.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

'Crushed' Casanova

The city bus is a wonderful thing,
Many a beautiful girl in it can you see.
Some college guys in it funny songs sing.
The crowd resembles fish in the sea.

In my second year of bachelor's degree did I see a girl.
She was so pretty and looked like an angel.
Her hair wasn't straight and had many a curl;
In her charming eyes and dimples I instantly fell.

She studied in a college exclusively for women.
Often did I see her when she got into my bus.
Then would I feel like floating in heaven.
But, it's a pity I couldn't show my prowess.

One day, I wore a blue-striped shirt.
Fortunately, I looked so smart that day.
With her magnetic sight did she slyly flirt.
I just couldn't keep my excitement at bay.

Days passed by, and she continued to do it
Even when she was with many of her friends.
A candle of joy in my heart she lit.
Oh! Those moments thinking about a girl a young man spends!

I wanted to talk to her,
The beauty whose name I didn't even know.
'Anjali.. Anjali', did my heart whisper.
That's the name I gave to that doe.

My friends were aware that
On her I had a crush.
Nothing else conspired but
The memories are still fresh.

After a few months, did I gather the courage
To talk to 'Anjali', the pretty college girl.
Knew not I of the damage
That would eventually unfurl.

I followed her one day
And said, "Excuse me".
She turned around and did spray
Some angry looks on me.

Now with her eyes she said,
"F*** off you moron!"
Fury in those eyes I read
And thus decided to move on.

Later did I find out
She was older than me.
My lips made an invisible pout;
That's how fate mocked at me.

I understood the origin
Of the mystery word 'crush'.
That's where angels fear to tread in,
While fools readily rush.

Thus was I 'crush'ed by a very cruel girl.
Thank god, it wasn't love that would twist and twirl*!

* - twists and twirls the lover's heart

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


I vowed to not write love poems
Atleast until I fall in love with someone else.
But how can I
When I haven't forgotten her yet?
There have been days when hope was my food,
Hope was my medicine.
But these days, hope is my hemlock,
Hope is my source of guilt.

I thought I'd be writing in the same manner*
On a different muse.
But here I am,
Writing in a different manner
On the same muse.

Love doesn't die,
And so wouldn't I.

* - as in happy love poems on a different person.

Monday, 18 October 2010

A Sonnet to my Senorita

Love wrapped me with its extant wings;
I've decided to leave it not.
Boundlessly out of my heart it springs,
In its circle of magic have I been caught.
Inside my heart its sweet sound rings,
Devoid of it life is naught.
Love forgets not, it always brings
Pleasures that men have sought.

Senorita! Whoever thou art,
Together let's lead a happy life.
Let the love in us not rot.
When we're struck by Cupid's dart
Treasures are rife.
So love me, and leave me not.

Sunday, 10 October 2010


It's difficult to forget whatever ensued.
I'd have felt better had I been a stranger till the end.
Moving on is indeed tough.
The breeze brushes my cheeks only when I'm alone.

I'm a loser,
I'm happy it's a love game that I lost.
But after all, I'm human too.
Cannot resist my fury,
Cannot resist my sorrow.
I only hope the next time I get a candy
That's not laced with cyanide.

Many things I come across remind me of her;
Remind me of a dream.
One man's duet.
One man's dream.

Why do I feel like an unwelcome guest?
Visiting without an invitation does end in vain.
Mayhap I should wait for an invitation.

In the end, waiting is absolutely worth it
Only if I'm invited for celebration unlimited.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Fragment of an Incomplete Soul

Beginning from the day we met,
Events infinite have ensued.
Similar thoughts and tastes made us bond.
The passage of time made us grow fond (of one another).

Finding a person who reflects us,
Rarely do we find such a great mirror.
Instilling sense when we make a fuss,
Elevating the spirit when we make an error.
Not just a fragment of an incomplete soul.
Devoid of him/her life's but a gaping hole.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Going Away

I'm giving up
In my quest for love.
Once did I get it.
Again won't I?
It came in search of me
When it was least expected.
I'm not going to expect anymore.

What causes my desperation?
Is it the nymph that I loved?
Is it the nice feeling it gave?
No, it's the very name 'love'.
It's the need I have for love.
Not that I feel hated.
Not that I feel hurt.
There's so much of love in me;
I don't have someone to share it with.

But I've made up my mind.
I'm giving up
In my quest for love.
It strikes when it's least expected.
I'll embrace it when it comes.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Skilled Labour

The pieces of onion he chops
Look like white pomegranate seeds.
The pieces of carrot he grates
Look like finely cut reeds.

The taste of the tea he makes
Surpasses the taste of natural honey.
With his expertise in cooking,
The hotel rakes in a lot of money.

What an all rounder he is!
Outstanding is his work.
When serving dishes to customers
There is neither a spill nor a jerk.

Whatever people order
He shouts, "A plate of so-and-so, master!"
Whenever it gets late,
He shouts, "Arre! Can't you make it faster!?"

Amazing is his commitment
Toward the work he does.
Never makes he a complaint,
Never makes he a fuss.

Skilled employees like him
Are awesome and always cool.
But, into pieces his heart shatters
When he sees his friends going to school!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

City of Class

In sorrow and joy has she been with me,
Affectionately embracing.
Numerous friends she has gifted me,
None of them less amazing.
Ever ready to care for her children,
Hundreds of thousands does she have.
City of class, city of mass.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Kicked and Crushed

He was a little boy, one foot tall.
Boys of his race were always small.
My brother and I used to kiss his head,
His blood was yellow, sometimes red.

He had five legs, short and stout.
We loved to kick him and make him shout.
His cry was annoying and sounded bad,
But still we used to kick him like mad.

His body was brittle and easy to crush,
He lived in a cold house to be always fresh.
We took off his cap and put him down.
The boy who was liked by all in the town.

He'd run off to the road and keep rolling there.
We never did help him for we didn't care.
Vehicles shot past him but he wasn't scared.
Tricks like those we never ever dared.

Happily he rolled in dust and dirt,
In the process he tore his tiny shirt.
Oh dear! The boy was fully unclad.
Seeing this, won't his parents feel bad?

Just then Andy slammed the throttle,
Killing the boy named Pet Bottle.

Sunday, 1 August 2010


Fragrance of beautiful flowers,
Rhythm of the running brook,
Invite me for a lively fiesta.
Enchantingly sweet music,
Never ceasing cool breeze,
Deviate me from my brief siesta.
So many works that need to be done,
Happily though do I avoid them.
Instead I log into Facebook to create some
Precious memories with you people.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Ordeal

Cursing under his breath,
Sameer got up from the floor.
Thinking, "Better could be death".
An agonized look he bore.

His eyes failed him,
He stretched his hands outward.
He started to sing a hymn.
He was a god-fearing coward.

This ordeal was too much to bear.
His zest was subdued.
He thought this was just unfair.
He uttered words that were rude.

He felt highly helpless,
There was nothing he could do.
Like a bullet, swift and aimless,
He walked ahead too.

His sweating was profuse,
He felt like ripping his clothes off.
This suffering he just couldn't refuse.
His situation didn't make him laugh.

With an outstretched hand
He gripped the fridge's handle.
In the dairy items stand
He found a big candle.

His mom shouted, "Fast!"
He hurried back to the hall.
For long did the power cut last
And he couldn't watch football.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

A Different Love Story

Seven years ago,
A little friend had I.
Five years younger than me,
He was an ever cheerful guy.

We played together a lot,
Both in summer and in winter.
A good athlete was he,
A truly exceptional sprinter.

Uncle had he one,
Who drove an auto for a living.
Numerous gifts to the boy
He was always giving.

Uncle loved him a lot,
The boy was his sister's son.
He used to join us in our games.
We always had good fun.

Long ago, uncle had a wife,
Who passed away in an accident.
Later he spoke to his sister
And they came to an agreement.

Uncle's two year old son,
She decided to bring up on her own.
He was now part of a new family,
To him the truth was unknown.

I saw them both often,
Uncle and nephew.
They were almost inseparable,
The days spent apart were few.

The story of uncle's life
I got to hear after they moved.
Love and care unparalleled,
Through his actions he clearly proved.

It'd indeed be painful
To be called 'uncle' by his own son.
But his sacrifice won at last;
He didn't deprive him of childhood's fun.

Will the boy ever know the truth?
In a handful of hearts it's interred.
True love forever exists,
And that's what through this I inferred.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Gleeful Gal

Knew not I, anything about you,
Even though we studied in the same school.
Entertaining us with your humourous hue
Rapidly our hearts you came to rule.
Thoughts infinite, full of wit;
Hundreds of jokes, super hit.
Interesting is the way you think, but
Pistachio 'milk' you never drink.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Little Mummy

Prince's aunt in a faraway land.
Ripped my veil of sorrow, strand by strand.
Attitude of hers, eternal youth.
Through truthful words my heart she did soothe.
Intelligent and creative to the core,
Boasts she not of what she has in store.
Happy always she manages to be.
A wonderful person who really understands me.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Tale of a Martyr

He crawled on the ground
The weight of his Heckler and Koch straining his arm.
The thorns of the brambles bruised his neck
Sending a pulse of searing pain down his spine.
The dry leaves and grass that camouflaged his structure
Made it hard for him to move.

The midday sun cast on him its fiery rays,
His eyes felt heavy due to last night's reconnaissance.
He cursed his foes,
He swore to defeat them.
He swore to defend his motherland.
He swore to return home triumphant.

The image of the enemy soldiers he killed
Flashed before his eyes.
His confidence soared high.
He took great pride in his work
He was a loyal man.

His thoughts went back to his family,
The toothless grin of his kid etched in his mind.
His heart swelled with grief,
But the time it lasted for was brief.

He lifted his head to survey his surroundings.
He fell dead the next moment.
An enemy sniper had spotted him
He fell prey to its wicked bullet.

Then the screen flashed 'Mission failed'.
Andy yelled, "fuck you!!"

Monday, 5 July 2010

Ray of Light

Andy's success took two decades,
Crusoe's took four years more.
Disbelief the mind invades
And ruins your self's core.

You are not whom you think you are,
Your worth is truly high,
Having come in life so far
Don't you realize your fear is a lie?

Hope is life's fuel,
Ensure to fill your tank.
Life's not forever cruel.
Your stars you must thank.

Never give up my friend,
You'll get what you wish.
Don't think this is the end
The ocean has a billion fish.

Out there somewhere is your love,
It'll come in search of you.
Start away right now,
Start your life anew.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010


I chose that fate and
I had to face its aftermath.
There is no one to blame,
For it was a conscious decision of mine.

The move I made affected me greatly,
Its upshots were wild and hard to bear.
I went against my family to do this,
The family that knows nothing but care.

There I was completely drenched in sweat,
Finding it hard to breath.
My chest was pounding heavily,
Violently shaking were my fingers.

My eyes I had to squint and
I was slowly losing consciousness.
I tried much to keep
My self completely awake.

I went through this for an hour,
This ordeal that equals being inside a furnace.
I got back to normal and
Took a deep breath
Like a drowning man rising above the surface.

I had sent the last SMS of the day and
Taken the blanket off my head
Just a couple of minutes ago then.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

An Indomitable Spirit

Several things happen in your life
To test your patience and your will.
Remember to never give up.
End not your quest, stand not still,
Not everything happens as you wish.
Guide your self away from the lie.
True strength you will have achieved when you
Have a heavy heart and still walk holding your head high.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Woebegone Woman

She took to her heels and ran into the streets
When her beloved mate was nowhere to be found.
He had ditched her there.
It was truly a nightmare
When the one she loved had betrayed her.

He had said love to her,
He had made love to her.
They were happy for a brief span of time.
She didn't expect this,
She couldn't accept this.
She went in search of a place to hide.

Into a mighty huge palace that dwarfed her frame
She took refuge for the time being.
Like a thief-on-mission on a pitch dark night
She sneaked into the palace without anyone's knowledge.

Her woes multiplied when she had pangs in her womb.
She went nearly mad when she gave birth to quadruplets.
Deprived of food, she was much malnourished,
She didn't have a clue about how to raise her kids.

The granary of the palace was overflowing with food,
She proved her mettle by stealing some for her kids.
The babies made noise when they were strong enough,
The prince of the palace heard it and was greatly shocked.
He found four infants near a heap of food.
Infants so young that they hadn't opened their eyes;
Infants so cute that no one would want to hurt them.

The mom wasn't there, she was hiding due to fright.
The babies were taken and thrown away that night.
A trap was laid to catch the mom,
A trap with tomato and a chunk of cheese.

The mom was caught and let into the streets.
She once again took to her four heels
Followed by her long, pink tail.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Tribute to My Love

Like a butterfly she came flying
Into the garden of my heart.
Mysterious notions implying
Made cupid shoot at me his dart.

Happy and thankful am I
For whatever she had done.
For a few months in my sky
She was the ever effulgent sun.

She sparked without doubt
A beautiful flame in me.
In my heart did sprout
A strong evergreen tree.

Love taught me hope.
Love taught me patience.
Love was my dope.
Love strengthened my relations.

It was awesome from the start,
But the bliss was impermanent.
A deep feeling of this sort
Is the heart's true ornament.

I've learnt so much so far,
Lessons needed for life.
I didn't end up in a bar.
So, happy will be my wife.

NOTE: I'm referring to my prospective wife. :P

Friday, 11 June 2010


My happiness I expressed
When the smile of my lips and
The tranquility of my heart bonded.

My insane glee I expressed
When the grin of my lips and
The excitement of my heart bonded.

Why can't I express my sorrow?
The pout of my lips fails to bond
With the grief of my heart.

My tears evade me,
I find it hard to cry.
Will I feel better if I do?

The pegasus flies away,
But its heart stays behind.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The P(F)light of a Pegasus

My armour is as hard as my heart is soft
Many an arrow and lance can it bear.
Flapping my wings I try to soar aloft,
Such mighty plumage is highly rare.

It's made of hope and mad perseverance,
Its span is great and unimaginably vast.
It sustains the heart's patient penance.
Forever and ever does it last.

My wings are for flight,
My feathers for beauty.
They always shine bright.
For, protecting me is their duty.

My wings have taken me faraway
Bringing beautiful terrains to my view.
In one of them forever I wished to stay,
As the experience I gained was something new.

I can go there now only if I'm invited.
My past memories I'll cherish.
Of those I'll get reminded,
At times till I completely perish.

Monday, 24 May 2010

A Silent Wait

Ebullient I become
When I talk about you to my friends.
My passion overflows
When I even utter your name.
The fact that I'm younger than you
Was a bitter pill to swallow.
But the sweetness of love
Made it dissolve within no time.

I feel extremely happy
When you say something good.
I feel equally sad
When you show signs of moving away.
I can't force you to love me,
For love knows no such things.
I can only express.
I can only hope.
I can only wait
While I silently continue to love.

My love for you
Gave me excessive pain.
I found solace when I heard,
"No pain, no gain."

There are numerous things unknown.
There are numerous doubts unsolved.
That doesn't hurt me at all.
As there are numerous reasons to be happy for,
Numerous things to look forward for.
And I'm highly hopeful and sure
That I'm destined to live a fairy tale.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Something Special

Sparkling love leads to many a startling revelation
That's why it is revered by all.
All nice things in life it brings along,
In it without thinking we fall.

So deep have I fallen into it,
I'm at a point of no return.
Irrespective of (the) Sparkle's presence
Incessantly does the flame burn.

Lessons of patience and matchless hope
Has my love taught me so far.
Many other lessons come along with it.
Is there any other teacher on par?

I'd have certainly missed a lot in life
Had I not fallen in love.
Love, the greatest gift bestowed upon the Earth,
The reflection of the Divine One above.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Some Things Never Change

It felt too good when I reclaimed my childhood.
Excitement was rife when I heard the plan.
From all the rough times we had gone through,
From all those moments of tension,
We found great relief in that little outing.

Nothing had changed.
Everything was just as we had seen.
There were the fruit-sellers,
There were the flute-sellers.
There was the vast expanse of sand
Near the aquatic wonderland.
We sat chatting with each other
Savouring those precious moments.
We were all smiles.

This time I didn't want to buy a flute.
This time I didn't want to ride a horse.
I wanted the smiles to last long,
The smiles that resembled a joyful song.

Ten years ago, I held heaven in my hand
In the form of a He-man toy.
Now I held the same
In the bonding that gives joy.

No quarrels with my sister,
No tears for the things I couldn't buy.
But the smiles were real,
The smiles were pure.

It makes sense as I'm now a man.
I cherish these moments.
I'd like more of them.
Life goes on, things change fast.
But the sea exists forever
And so does the love we get in a family.

Some things never change.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Dejection - II

The sun is on song on summer days,
Dry and sultry becomes the whole place.
At home some times it's like a furnace,
To get some relief I slept on the terrace.

I admired the horde of moving clouds
That enveloped the sky like fluffy shrouds.
I gazed at stars and loved the moon,
Little did I know that I'd have to leave soon.

I occasionally checked my mobile phone,
'Cause silent is my message tone.
I went to sleep and started to dream,
Dreams sweet like chocolate and whipped cream.

A droplet of water touched my lips,
A few also fell on my finger tips.
I opened my eyes to look at the sky.
Rain bearing clouds were sailing so high.

I got up and rolled my mattress
And headed towards my little fortress.
This week it happened at 1 A.M.
What a progress!
Last week it was 4 A.M.

Thank You, Facebook

Flipping through those endless pages

Abundance of thoughts I see.

Creativity in various stages

Exhibits this place, for free.

Brothers and sisters from faroff lands

Opened their worlds to me.

Our affection makes us join hands to

Know the value of humanity.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Ocean

Shallow waters have no treasures.
But you people are lucky
For, I'm an ocean.
An artist is a creator.
Unfathomable is his depth.
Immeasurable is his love.

Colourful fishes are found
When he is happy.
Treacherous ones are found too
When he is sad.
Therein lies the beauty;
The colours are too vivid.
The dark areas are too uninviting.

No restrictions, no limits.
Various things dwell in him
The source of which is a mystery.
But swim in him or sail on him
He'll give you pleasure always.
Extreme artist.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Red Hot

I walk hand in hand with art,
With an open mind and a joyful heart.
I bestow upon it matchless love,
It comes to me easily now.

Music amazes me,
Poetry amuses me.
My fingers have created the same.
Passion is that force's name.

Red hot does it glow,
Through my blood does it flow.
In many an art am I self-taught,
For, impossible there is naught.

I'm one of the infinite artists
Who never bare their teeth nor clench their fists.
For, the language of heart is what we speak.
Love makes our knees go weak.

Love, passion and gratitude
Have moulded my ever cheerful attitude.
I'll never ever fall in life,
For me it's a festival and not a strife.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

To Sorrow With Love

The swaying tender green leaves
On a picturesque blue backdrop,
I beheld yesterday.
I derived joy from it.
The same I did today.
Not for pleasure, but to seek solace.

The white masses of cumulus clouds
Transported me to a faraway place
When I beheld them yesterday.
The same I did today
Not to get transported
But to see if I'll get a ticket.

I flew with the flock of birds,
I danced with the full bloomed roses
When I beheld them yesterday.
They invite me happily today.
But I can neither spread my wings
Nor shake a leg with them.

If things of the past are dead,
So is my happiness.
But I'll march ahead with hope now.
For, I can revive the lost glory only in the present.

The Tree

I sowed a seed and
Waited long.
I cared for it well,
It came out very strong.

From a delicate plant
To a sturdy tree
The growth was great
It made me free.

Flowers and fruits
It bore many.
I couldn't sell them
Just for money.

Birds sat on it
Singing happy songs.
Bees buzzed around it
All day long.

I beamed with pride
Looking at it.
It made me happy
Whenever I sat under its shade.

One day I found that
It stood on an encroached land.
And I had to abandon it
With a heavy heart.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

An Hour is Not Too Short

It was half to eight
When I logged in to chat.
For her message did I wait,
And I silently sat.

She didn't buzz me
For half an hour
I was wondering why she
Hasn't messaged me so far.

She told me that
She was on a call.
I said nothing but
"Carry on Mal :)"

Our chat did last
For just an hour.
But time went fast
Like a Formula1 car.

We bade 'Good bye'
And went back to work.
Till the next message of 'Hi'
I decided to lurk.

In the end I wasn't sad.
For, it was just an hour.
I was completely elated that
It was 3600 seconds that I spent with her.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


The words of my heart
Sometimes act like a lump in the throat.
Up and down they move.
They fail to come out
Trying hard to make their way out of
The excessive love in my heart.

I knew not pain
Till I experienced it.
Disappointment was unknown
Till I faced dejection.
Neither is love an exception.
I had to fall in love to understand it.

Grand, graceful and exquisite it is.
Teeming emotions it brings along.
I fell so soon,
'Cause it swept me off my feet.
This orderly disorder of words
Is the result of love's choking my heart.

Monday, 5 April 2010

And That's How It Began....

No fear or apprehension occupied me
When I showed her what I wrote.
Only my poem she could see
In that little note.

The rhyme was bad; the lines were long
But still she said nothing.
I gave it a tune; I made it a song.
The same she asked me to sing.

I stood on-stage with my best friend.
We sang that childish rhyme.
Thus came into being a novel trend
That you enjoy many a time.

A furious stare or silent scorn
Would have instantly turned me off.
The poet in me would have never been born
Had there been a mocking laugh.

That's how I began my poetic quest,
With her motivation and support.
This passion made a girl realize her zest
For the words she can't write in a report.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Flame - II

It makes me burn;
It makes me melt;
It makes me totally forget my self.
It invades me;
It pervades me;
It incessantly makes me lose my self.

It touches me when I look 'In the mirror'*;
It capsizes me when I behold her smile;
It makes me burn;
It makes me melt;
It makes me totally forget my self.

It shatters my vain resistance;
It takes me to my true residence.
It makes me burn;
It makes me melt;
It makes me totally forget my self.

I submit to its ferocity,
It's just beyond my capacity.
Its presence does not scare me, but
It heavily does scar me.
I only wish I burn forever.
I only wish I melt forever.

*In the mirror - a piece of instrumental music by Yanni.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Silent Killer

Speechless when his friends laugh;
Indifferent to their amusement.
Looking as though nothing matters;
Exhibiting a serious attitude,
No expression his face shows
Though his friends roar in laughter.

Knowingly he maintains the temperament.
Interesting it is to look at him.
Laughing their heads off for one full hour
Lie on the floor his friends.
Enjoying all these events, he simply
Recalls the joke he said.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Love is in the Air

Something was wrong.
I had slept soon,
Wordless and poem-less.
But never loveless.

A quarter hour later,
To the humming of a song
I opened my eyes.
I knew who it was.

It wasn't a mere wave of signals,
It was love that travelled in the air.
The love that accepts everything,
Gives and receives joyfully.

My sleep she disturbed for the third time.
I'm not angry at all.
For, the only mistake she did was
Making me write another poem.

The Flame

My passion fuels the flame in me,
The flame glows brighter now.
Violent winds disturb it, but
The flame only glows brighter.
This flame can never scorch trees.
It is a flame that lights the path.
Holding it I'll walk long.
Holding it makes me strong.
I discovered that she's my perfect 'match',
For, she's the one who lit the flame.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


So many flowers brimming with nectar,
Sway gently in the December breeze.
Lavenders, dandelions, daffodils,
Tulips, sunflowers and orchids.

So many choices a bee has,
To collect nectar from;
To get intoxicated.

There is festivity in the air
When the bee chooses the best,
Incurring the envy of the rest.

The bud doesn't blossom soon.
It is a long wait.
The bee gets its righteous gift,
When the petals unfurl.

No pain, no strain.
The petals unfurl gracefully.
There is festivity in the air,
When the bee collects nectar.

One fine day,
The flower may wither.
The bee may die. But,
The honey collected,
The union of the flower and the bee
Lives forever.
It is elixir.
It is immortal.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Importance of Sparkle

Dew drops are the stars of dawn.
They Sparkle.

Dew drops are so beautiful,
Only because they Sparkle.

Dew drops make rose petals awesome
With their Sparkle.

The eyes of a baby are lovely,
Because they have Sparkle.

Art embraces beauty,
When there is Sparkle.

The Sparkle of love in the artist's heart.


Desires I've none materialistic.
Dreams I've many highly realistic.
Thousands of creations artistic.
I envisage a life fantastic.

Love does bring people together.
It touches the heart like a soothing feather.
Once it blooms it never does wither.
Like a snake inside you it does slither.

Express it before it decays.
Can't you see that in my case?
I still look for many ways
To express my love till the end of my days.

Sunday, 21 March 2010


A great bicycle I ride,
A bicycle with rear view mirrors.
I have a look at the path trodden upon.
I find it to be smooth.

No bumps. No injuries.
The ride has been smooth,
As the road has been smooth.

That's what I presume.
The road is always smooth.

I behold a sprawling meadow on my right,
A beautifully flowing brook on my left.
My co-riders see a quagmire on one side, and
A dark woods on the other.

Ahead of me are many more beautiful meadows.
My friends see a treacherous landscape.
I continue riding, and
Admiring the beauty around me.
Some people certainly can't see the way I see.