Friday, 10 September 2010

Skilled Labour

The pieces of onion he chops
Look like white pomegranate seeds.
The pieces of carrot he grates
Look like finely cut reeds.

The taste of the tea he makes
Surpasses the taste of natural honey.
With his expertise in cooking,
The hotel rakes in a lot of money.

What an all rounder he is!
Outstanding is his work.
When serving dishes to customers
There is neither a spill nor a jerk.

Whatever people order
He shouts, "A plate of so-and-so, master!"
Whenever it gets late,
He shouts, "Arre! Can't you make it faster!?"

Amazing is his commitment
Toward the work he does.
Never makes he a complaint,
Never makes he a fuss.

Skilled employees like him
Are awesome and always cool.
But, into pieces his heart shatters
When he sees his friends going to school!