Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Ordeal

Cursing under his breath,
Sameer got up from the floor.
Thinking, "Better could be death".
An agonized look he bore.

His eyes failed him,
He stretched his hands outward.
He started to sing a hymn.
He was a god-fearing coward.

This ordeal was too much to bear.
His zest was subdued.
He thought this was just unfair.
He uttered words that were rude.

He felt highly helpless,
There was nothing he could do.
Like a bullet, swift and aimless,
He walked ahead too.

His sweating was profuse,
He felt like ripping his clothes off.
This suffering he just couldn't refuse.
His situation didn't make him laugh.

With an outstretched hand
He gripped the fridge's handle.
In the dairy items stand
He found a big candle.

His mom shouted, "Fast!"
He hurried back to the hall.
For long did the power cut last
And he couldn't watch football.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

A Different Love Story

Seven years ago,
A little friend had I.
Five years younger than me,
He was an ever cheerful guy.

We played together a lot,
Both in summer and in winter.
A good athlete was he,
A truly exceptional sprinter.

Uncle had he one,
Who drove an auto for a living.
Numerous gifts to the boy
He was always giving.

Uncle loved him a lot,
The boy was his sister's son.
He used to join us in our games.
We always had good fun.

Long ago, uncle had a wife,
Who passed away in an accident.
Later he spoke to his sister
And they came to an agreement.

Uncle's two year old son,
She decided to bring up on her own.
He was now part of a new family,
To him the truth was unknown.

I saw them both often,
Uncle and nephew.
They were almost inseparable,
The days spent apart were few.

The story of uncle's life
I got to hear after they moved.
Love and care unparalleled,
Through his actions he clearly proved.

It'd indeed be painful
To be called 'uncle' by his own son.
But his sacrifice won at last;
He didn't deprive him of childhood's fun.

Will the boy ever know the truth?
In a handful of hearts it's interred.
True love forever exists,
And that's what through this I inferred.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Gleeful Gal

Knew not I, anything about you,
Even though we studied in the same school.
Entertaining us with your humourous hue
Rapidly our hearts you came to rule.
Thoughts infinite, full of wit;
Hundreds of jokes, super hit.
Interesting is the way you think, but
Pistachio 'milk' you never drink.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Little Mummy

Prince's aunt in a faraway land.
Ripped my veil of sorrow, strand by strand.
Attitude of hers, eternal youth.
Through truthful words my heart she did soothe.
Intelligent and creative to the core,
Boasts she not of what she has in store.
Happy always she manages to be.
A wonderful person who really understands me.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Tale of a Martyr

He crawled on the ground
The weight of his Heckler and Koch straining his arm.
The thorns of the brambles bruised his neck
Sending a pulse of searing pain down his spine.
The dry leaves and grass that camouflaged his structure
Made it hard for him to move.

The midday sun cast on him its fiery rays,
His eyes felt heavy due to last night's reconnaissance.
He cursed his foes,
He swore to defeat them.
He swore to defend his motherland.
He swore to return home triumphant.

The image of the enemy soldiers he killed
Flashed before his eyes.
His confidence soared high.
He took great pride in his work
He was a loyal man.

His thoughts went back to his family,
The toothless grin of his kid etched in his mind.
His heart swelled with grief,
But the time it lasted for was brief.

He lifted his head to survey his surroundings.
He fell dead the next moment.
An enemy sniper had spotted him
He fell prey to its wicked bullet.

Then the screen flashed 'Mission failed'.
Andy yelled, "fuck you!!"

Monday, 5 July 2010

Ray of Light

Andy's success took two decades,
Crusoe's took four years more.
Disbelief the mind invades
And ruins your self's core.

You are not whom you think you are,
Your worth is truly high,
Having come in life so far
Don't you realize your fear is a lie?

Hope is life's fuel,
Ensure to fill your tank.
Life's not forever cruel.
Your stars you must thank.

Never give up my friend,
You'll get what you wish.
Don't think this is the end
The ocean has a billion fish.

Out there somewhere is your love,
It'll come in search of you.
Start away right now,
Start your life anew.