Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Colours, numbers, sounds,
smells, patterns and letters.
Five different sense organs
to feel the same,
but one entity to control them all.

A fly's trivial, tiny head
houses a thousand eyes,
while man's houses just two.
And the ear doubles as the eye
for one peculiar mammal.
Is a fly's tiny head really trivial then?

What is man in the mad cosmic chaos?
Yet, comprehend the universe's vastness
only he can.
A strange feeling of proud humility,
a unique case of humble pride.
How different is man to the universe
from a fly's head?
Infinity exists on both extremes.

If the stars we see today
are several billion years old,
how many billion years will it take
to see the star that was born just now?

Marvel at nature's greatness -
any time we can.
Worship nature -
always we must.

Not all fishes in the ocean
are the same,
not all birds
have the same plumage.
Not all reptiles
move the same way,
not all plants
are peace-loving and quiet.

Man appreciates diversity
in the lower forms of life,
even hails nature
for imparting it.

Yet, he torments his brethren
for the exact same reason.
What an irony!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Company of Creation

When all my muses walk away from me
without even bidding farewell,
when worries turn into sorrow
and later into depression,
when the heart wants to cry in agony,
shedding tears and trying to reach out to someone,
in desperation,
when the heart wages a war against the mind,
when thought just does not stop peeping into my being,
when I realize the only true company
I have in the world is myself
and let solitude embrace me,
I wish you be there on my side,
Oh! Poetry.
beautiful lady made of stringed syllables.
Choose not to abandon me
like my muses did.
Help me find
solace from my sorrow.
Kick logic and rationality from the mind
and inject the slow poison of unparalleled beauty.

You are beautiful yourself.
A smiling child's innocent countenance,
a soothing music I'd gladly drown into,
a sudden burst of colours
splashing in all directions -
the type of beauty I'd love to be killed by.

Be with me and take me high.
Be with me till I die.
Be with me and I will not cry.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Two Brothers

Two brothers - poles apart.
One cherishes life,
one abhors the same.
They're always in conflict.
The two brothers.

Two brothers - born in the same womb.
One respects mankind,
the other has nothing but disgust for man.
They are in constant disagreement.
The two brothers.

Two brothers - brought up the same way.
One has kindness unmatched in heart,
while the other takes pride in his cold indifference.
They're never on speaking terms.
The two brothers.

Two brothers - with the same education and means.
One strives for perfection,
the other is satisfied with mediocrity.
They're diametrically opposite to each other.
The two brothers.

Two brothers - fighting an endless battle with one another.
One is ready to forgive,
the other wants total annihilation.
They're like quarreling neighbours.
The two brothers.

Two brothers - in the same mind and the same body,
co-exist independently.
Should one cancel the other?
Or should there be harmony between them?
A duel in duality.
The two brothers.