Sunday, 6 November 2011

Made in Heaven

Hearts, two in number,
Are connected together.
Priceless are the tearful smiles on your parents' faces.
Prepare yourself for the lifelong journey
You have embarked on through this eternal bond.

"Man came first, woman came next"
And other old wives' tales chauvinists spread.
Read not such stories, read not such text.
Refrain from the fallacies those bigots said.
In joy and sorrow hold hands tight.
Even doubts must doubt whether to enter your minds.
Drink from the ocean of love to see how beautifully life unwinds.

Let truth and honesty always be on your side.
Intimacy unparalleled must exist between you.
Fall in love continuously with
Each other every day, each and every day.

Note: Something I wrote for Surekha akka's (Suresh Padmaraj's sister) wedding. Wish you a happy married life, akka! :)