Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Road to Realisation

Fall in love,
fail in love,
lose yourself completely
and break your heart.

Delve into madness,
dwell in sadness,
roam around
like you're the most depressed of all.

Thrive on foolish hope,
take the downward slope,
loosen the steady grip
on your keen intellect.

Cry your heart out,
wear a perennial pout,
shed tears of depression
that ruin reason.

Make love your weakness,
fill yourself with meekness,
and be the madman
who's not in his sense.

But open your eyes,
from your fall arise,
and finally ask yourself,
"What's the point?"

Friday, 9 March 2012


Agony, shame,
disgust mixed with contempt,
an intense hatred towards the society
born out of love for mankind.
Decay of civilization,
dormancy of the thinking faculty.

The door of knowledge is wide open
yet we bother not to enter the realm of intellect.
Is an ignorant man even aware of his ignorance?
Nay. Sad truth.

Neither a respect for knowledge
nor the urge to realize one's self-esteem.
Blissfully ignorant
with misplaced priorities.

What is it?
The fear of truth
in hearts brimming with inferiority complex.

The torchbearer's love for his brethren
makes him want to spread his light.
He's the carrier of
an intense light
that initially blinds the viewer
and later shows the avenues of truth and beauty.

An unwelcome intrusion he is
amidst his own brothers.
They pelt stones at him
and ignore his light,
clinging to their darkness and ignorance.

Torchbearers never cease their endeavours.
Torchbearers bask in the glorious light of truth.
They tirelessly wander around, trying to
enlighten the dark recesses of man's mind,
or immolate themselves with the very torch they carry.
The light of truth and beauty
never scalds the mind.

A torchbearer's decision to stop spreading his light -
a step backward in man's attempt to achieve greatness.

Decay of civilization.