Monday, 30 April 2012

Dreams, Dreams Everywhere

There are dreams.
Dreams like the earth.
They require patience,
they require perseverance.
Stick to them.
Be firm in them.
These are dreams of a long time.
A beautiful future.

There are dreams.
Dreams like the air.
Feel them.
Breathe them.
The very foundations of life they are.
Dreams that all of mankind has.
They'll exist forever.
For generations to come.

There are dreams.
Dreams like water.
Free-flowing by nature.
Fluid by structure.
Dreams that can be altered
based on the ups and downs of life.
Easy-going dreams.
Ever-evolving dreams.

There are dreams.
Dreams like the sky.
As high as 'high' can be.
As vast as 'vast' can be.
Endless horizons of greatness.
Unlockers of infinity.
Dreams of greater bliss.
Dreams of eternal joy.

And there are dreams.
Dreams like fire.
Those that engulf you.
Those that torment you.
Fires that have to be fought with fire.
Those that must be reduced to ashes
and dissolved in water-like dreams.

There are dreams.
There will be dreams.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Let It Be

Let those petals be.
Do not pluck them.
Beauty is in wholeness.
Beauty is in the original form.
You would be mad or sadistic
to decimate beauty,
while admirers, those who respect it
would let it be -
accepting and enjoying beauty as it is.

Let the butterfly free.
Do not capture it for your pleasure.
Its wings have colours for a reason.
It might leave its hues on your fingers,
but do not force it to give it to you.
It does not belong to you.

Let some things be.
They're extremely beautiful the way they are.
No need to think of what could have been.
There is ample grace and beauty in what already is.

Don't pluck those petals
and deprive the flower of its beauty.
Don't capture the butterfly
and deprive the tiny angel of its liberty.
Don't mess up with some things -
their beauty lies in their very existence.

Platonic relationships included.

Monday, 9 April 2012


Cramped in the boundless space of the mind,
Hordes of thoughts - one will find.
Opportunities to achieve what one wants,
Insights to shed light on "can"s and "can't"s.
Carefully decide which path to take, for
Ends or new beginnings it can make.