Tuesday, 29 March 2011


The sun,
donning his golden crown,
caresses the sky
with crepuscular rays.

The moon
borrows his silver robe
from the sun
and lights up dark roads
and lovers' moods.

by destroying their aortas,
melt themselves
for man's romance.

with their glowing rears,
fly around
and provide visual treats.

I'll spread my light
the way I want
just like the dazzling sun
and the beautiful moon.

I'll give myself
to spread light
just like the sacrificial candle
and the evanescent firefly.

Don't ask me
'why' I spread my light
the way I do.
I'll certainly not change it
just for you.

Just sit and wonder
'how' I do the same
and think of ways
to spread your own light.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Unspoken Thoughts

To even think of you,
the thought that our souls made an ethereal waltz
at a certain period of my life
gives me the highest pleasure.

Should I have coughed up my unspoken thoughts?
The thoughts knowing
how to come out of their shells,
preferred to stay
in the eerie darkness
of the corners of my heart.

To not see you sad,
to not make you hate me
held the highest priorities in my mind,
making me only come up
with ways to see you smiling.

I feel the kind of dissatisfaction
Direktor Schindler felt.
Having done the best he could do,
still thinking he hadn't done enough.

I don't regret moving on,
but the memories haunt me at times.
The memories that intertwined our hearts,
the memories that gave birth to the unspoken thoughts.

I'm privy to those unspoken thoughts
just like you are 'a miser of your memories of me.'
I'll cherish my thoughts;
sad they'd remain unspoken forever.


to soar beyond visible horizons.
to explore unfathomed depths.

only the path that you want to stride on.
to your passion, come what may.

to others so that you may gain.
to experience both pleasure and pain.

to be strong though you fall down, friend.
to sustain happiness till life's end.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

May God Ease Your Suffering

Alive you are,
Resting like a vegetable.
Unmanly coward is the one who ruined your life.
Never again to live life till death,
Arrested by destiny's horrible clutches you are.

'Sever'e punishment do all sex offenders deserve;
Hot embers sodomy is what will work out.
Aren't there any gods to ease your suffering?
Never ever should the world see another Aruna.
Belief, faith and hopes have been crushed;
All the prayers have gone in vain.
Unparalleled compassion have many people showered;
God must expedite the relief from your pain.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Mathemagician

She was 'one' of a kind.
Never once was she of 'double' mind.
She always won,
for she only took 'calculated' risks.

She very well knew the 'equation' of happiness
and the 'formula' for success.

For every difficulty,
she came up with a 'theory',
and eventually found the 'solution'.

Whenever her life was caught in tangles,
she viewed the 'problem' from different 'angles'.

She 'divided' her love equally
among her 'five' children;
she 'multiplied' the happiness of the whole family.

She could 'substitute' disappointments with delights,
and make people laugh in a 'fraction' of a second.

In real, she was just an 'average' woman,
but tried to always be in cheerful 'mode'.

No wonder she could 'decimate' her sorrows
even after her days were 'numbered'.

She was a magician.
She was a 'mathemagician'.

Friday, 4 March 2011

An Endless Journey

When you fall down
and hurt your self badly,
learn to rise,
for there is no other go.

When you are shown a mirror,
and get to see your flaws,
learn to change,
for that is the only constant in life.

When you are saved from an abyss
that someone else had fallen into,
learn to thank,
for gratitude works many a wonder.

When you are sure you made a mistake
and realize it has affected someone,
learn to regret,
for you won't do it again.

When you want to spread happiness
and smiles everywhere,
learn to love,
for love is an ever-abundant source of both.

When things go wrong,
and you're clueless of what's going on,
learn to question,
for that's how you become wise.

When life blesses you with whatever you want
and manifolds your hope and positivity,
learn to dream,
for what is life without something to achieve?

When you talk, meet people
and go around living life,
learn to learn,
for life has many a lesson to teach.

Learn to love;
love to learn.

Magical Hands with Invisible Strings

Colourful puppets dancing all around.
To you people's hands are their unseen strings bound.
How real it looks when they make a sound!
Great is the person by whom this was found.

Toys, cars and insects talk.
Meaningfully do all the dogs bark.
Each creation leaves on Earth its own mark.
We all wonder how you fill your stock.

Some creations have made me shed tears.
People's hearts do some of them pierce.
There is just no place for irrational fears.
With each frame of action, childhood nears.

Through all these creations, we have learnt to dream,
to let love flow within us like an endless stream.
You can raise your collars and with pride you can beam,
for your art is one of the most supreme.