Wednesday, 30 June 2010


I chose that fate and
I had to face its aftermath.
There is no one to blame,
For it was a conscious decision of mine.

The move I made affected me greatly,
Its upshots were wild and hard to bear.
I went against my family to do this,
The family that knows nothing but care.

There I was completely drenched in sweat,
Finding it hard to breath.
My chest was pounding heavily,
Violently shaking were my fingers.

My eyes I had to squint and
I was slowly losing consciousness.
I tried much to keep
My self completely awake.

I went through this for an hour,
This ordeal that equals being inside a furnace.
I got back to normal and
Took a deep breath
Like a drowning man rising above the surface.

I had sent the last SMS of the day and
Taken the blanket off my head
Just a couple of minutes ago then.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

An Indomitable Spirit

Several things happen in your life
To test your patience and your will.
Remember to never give up.
End not your quest, stand not still,
Not everything happens as you wish.
Guide your self away from the lie.
True strength you will have achieved when you
Have a heavy heart and still walk holding your head high.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Woebegone Woman

She took to her heels and ran into the streets
When her beloved mate was nowhere to be found.
He had ditched her there.
It was truly a nightmare
When the one she loved had betrayed her.

He had said love to her,
He had made love to her.
They were happy for a brief span of time.
She didn't expect this,
She couldn't accept this.
She went in search of a place to hide.

Into a mighty huge palace that dwarfed her frame
She took refuge for the time being.
Like a thief-on-mission on a pitch dark night
She sneaked into the palace without anyone's knowledge.

Her woes multiplied when she had pangs in her womb.
She went nearly mad when she gave birth to quadruplets.
Deprived of food, she was much malnourished,
She didn't have a clue about how to raise her kids.

The granary of the palace was overflowing with food,
She proved her mettle by stealing some for her kids.
The babies made noise when they were strong enough,
The prince of the palace heard it and was greatly shocked.
He found four infants near a heap of food.
Infants so young that they hadn't opened their eyes;
Infants so cute that no one would want to hurt them.

The mom wasn't there, she was hiding due to fright.
The babies were taken and thrown away that night.
A trap was laid to catch the mom,
A trap with tomato and a chunk of cheese.

The mom was caught and let into the streets.
She once again took to her four heels
Followed by her long, pink tail.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Tribute to My Love

Like a butterfly she came flying
Into the garden of my heart.
Mysterious notions implying
Made cupid shoot at me his dart.

Happy and thankful am I
For whatever she had done.
For a few months in my sky
She was the ever effulgent sun.

She sparked without doubt
A beautiful flame in me.
In my heart did sprout
A strong evergreen tree.

Love taught me hope.
Love taught me patience.
Love was my dope.
Love strengthened my relations.

It was awesome from the start,
But the bliss was impermanent.
A deep feeling of this sort
Is the heart's true ornament.

I've learnt so much so far,
Lessons needed for life.
I didn't end up in a bar.
So, happy will be my wife.

NOTE: I'm referring to my prospective wife. :P

Friday, 11 June 2010


My happiness I expressed
When the smile of my lips and
The tranquility of my heart bonded.

My insane glee I expressed
When the grin of my lips and
The excitement of my heart bonded.

Why can't I express my sorrow?
The pout of my lips fails to bond
With the grief of my heart.

My tears evade me,
I find it hard to cry.
Will I feel better if I do?

The pegasus flies away,
But its heart stays behind.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The P(F)light of a Pegasus

My armour is as hard as my heart is soft
Many an arrow and lance can it bear.
Flapping my wings I try to soar aloft,
Such mighty plumage is highly rare.

It's made of hope and mad perseverance,
Its span is great and unimaginably vast.
It sustains the heart's patient penance.
Forever and ever does it last.

My wings are for flight,
My feathers for beauty.
They always shine bright.
For, protecting me is their duty.

My wings have taken me faraway
Bringing beautiful terrains to my view.
In one of them forever I wished to stay,
As the experience I gained was something new.

I can go there now only if I'm invited.
My past memories I'll cherish.
Of those I'll get reminded,
At times till I completely perish.