Saturday, 12 December 2009

Childhood and the Cruelty of Life

Poopy pants, dirty hands
Wandering in the beach sands.
An uncanny gait,
To support your weight.
Your mind dwells in wonderlands.

Your voice is sweet, your hair is neat.
So cute are your little feet.
Your eyes are blue
And lovely too.
So don't wander in a crowded street.

I wish you're like this always,
As bright as the sun's rays,
But life is hard,
Says this young bard.
It has to show you all ways.

Following Your Footsteps

Many a poet has roamed this earth,
Amazing people with his great skill.
Hard was the path you trod since birth,
As you had possessed an iron will.

Kindness unmatched dwelt in your heart,
Aesthetic sense you had a lot.
Valuable in revolution was your part, and
In unending sorrow you believed not.

Barren are the hearts of men,
Hungry only for money and fame.
All the words that flowed from your pen
Reached no one's ears, Oh! What a shame!

Always strove to ward off ignorance,
Tirelessly worked for human welfare.
Hurt deeply by your permanent absence,
I feel that God is just not fair.

Yet to find a noble soul
As compassionate as you.
Awe-inspiring was your phenomenal role.
Recognized then only by a few.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Live to Love, Love to Live

Listen to me Oh! Brothers,
In you keep your trust.
Binds us the thread of love,
Entwining our souls together.
Revive the glory of Mother Earth,
Try to make her happy.
Yesterday is gone, today's newly born.

Ejaculate the sinful thoughts,
Queued up deep in your mind.
Under that rotten spot,
A beautiful soul you'll find.
Love everyone like your own self,
Imagine a happy world.
Treat no one with bitter scorn.
Yesterday is gone, today's newly born.

Forgive and forget,
Recall the child in you.
All your sorrows you convert,
To happiness that's overdue.
Everywhere can you find love.
Remember only to open your heart.
Nomadic will our lives be,
In this prison-like world,
Till we start sharing love.
Yesterday is gone, today's newly born.

Friday, 27 November 2009

A Bitter Truth

Thousands of years ago, our
Ancestors' wisdom was at the pinnacle.
Multifarious arts and customs existed,
In the land of hospitality.
Literature thrived and mankind prospered.

Now, my brethren is stranded behind barbwires,
As pitifully as pigeons in a thorny cage.
Dormant is 'the man' in men,
Underneath the smiling countenances of the selfish lot.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Dejection - Hardwork Gone in Vain

I lent a book from the library,
And took down notes in a hurry.
I studied each lesson thrice.
All these are true, and not lies.
I avoided listening to music,
And continued to study despite falling sick.
In studies did I invest all my time.
I would like to know if this is a heinous crime.
I got myself new stationery,
I wanted my performance to be extraordinary.
My family and friends wished me 'All the best'
As I was going to write my semester test.
'I worked this hard' to not leave the paper empty.
But the invigilator received the cup of tea!!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

'Test'ing Times

Awakened by the cuckoo's call,
Along with the early rays of the Oriental sun.
I gazed at my house' wall,
Reminiscing yesterday's awesome fun.

The sleepy trees guarding the roads of KK Nagar,
Came for a brief moment to my view.
Their great height and the mild shower,
Can be enjoyed only by a few.

I then saw a cute, snow white puppy,
On my way to the grocery shop.
It did look extremely happy,
And probably nothing will ever make it stop.

Now I'm forced to write an exam,
In order to 'secure' my future;
While I can invest this time,
Writing poems about Mother Nature.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Confusion and Conclusion


Once was I, like an aimless ship;
Wandering upon the vast blue sea.
Then came my way this interesting flip,
That claimed to know how I'm supposed to be.
I changed my course,
And went behind.
It was a radiant force
That is one of a kind.
I discovered hitherto unknown things,
Interesting and truthful.
With it came some mood swings,
Sometimes serious but mostly playful.

In this journey of self-discovery,
I gained many a wonderful experience,
From my problems I got recovery
And added to my life many worthwhile ingredients.
Should I follow it forever?
Or should I be alone?
I had to be clever,
So I shifted to my safe zone.
I'm a man with a mind,
That keeps constantly changing.
As life begun to unwind,
I wanted to see something encouraging.

The path is completely divine,
It calls for unconditional sacrifice.
With this swaying nature of mine,
It becomes difficult to finalize.
Pursuing one's passions,
Will multiply his happiness.
Living life in this fashion,
Can make one forget his loneliness.
That's just what I did,
Returned to my old ways.
I opened my heart's lid,
Letting in the sun's new rays!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses

The sight of a raindrop falling on water,
Brings a smile to my face.
My worries move away too,
Like the concentric ripples.

Green leaves drenched in rain,
Paint a picture of impeccable beauty.
My heart delights greatly,
Seeing the squirrel spray the water off its fur.

The droplet of water on the big lotus leaf,
Sparkles like a pearl on green velvet.
What more do I need?
When beauty greets me wherever I go.

The howl of the gentle breeze,
Sounds like Kenny.G's sax to my ears.
The pitter-patter of the raindrops,
Adds beautiful beats to the song.

Life's just beautiful,
I've enjoyed it always and even now.
Ask me the reason for this bliss,
And I'd say it is love.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Keep talking to me,
I'll be happy.
Stop talking to me,
I'll still be happy.
For I'm independent.
I live a free life,
Like a butterfly.
Colourful and splendid will my life be.
The thorns of a rose plant may wreck my wings.
The innocent little kid may hold me captive.
I'll be happy.
I'll still be happy.
One fine day I may run out of nectar.
Or I may get slain by a pitcher plant.
I'll accept my defeat openly.
I'll be happy.
I'll still be happy.
I came to this Earth alone,
So shall I leave it.
I celebrate life,
I'm aware of its ebb and flow.
Nothing can stop me.
I'll be happy.
I'll still be happy.

Why are you sad my friend?
Celebrate life every moment.
Explore your self.
You'll find me in you.
We're all stars in the same sky,
We can twinkle brightly.
We're all the notes of the same melody.
We make this song sweet.
Realize that we're one and that we're equal.
You'll be happy.
Come what may.
You'll still be happy.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


I'm sorry for all the bad things I've done,
I'm sorry for taking away all the fun.
I'm sorry I've made you feel extremely hurt,
And used you just to have fun and to flirt.

Will even God pardon me if I continue this trend?
I better act swift and keep an end.
Everyone's imperfect, but I'm at its higher stage.
I should shut my mouth and stop calling myself a sage.

How can I change the nation?
When I myself am sick like a patient.
Yes, I should change.
Before this shoots up to an alarming range.

Sunday, 2 August 2009


The guy near the window spits on the road,
The one standing scribbles on the roof.
A cute, little boy is completely bored.
He talks with no one and stays aloof.

There is no smile in his face,
He's feeling forlorn,
He bends to tie his lace.
I find his shirt torn.

"Oh! little boy,
Who tore your shirt?"

"It is my sister Joy,
Who flung on me dirt."

"Why did she do that little boy?
Did ye make her angry?
Did ye break her toy?
So, what caused the fury?"

"I ruined her sand castle.
And I crushed the flowers she had.
I broke her new whistle
And made her feel bad.
She kicked me, punched me,
And pinched me hard.
She pulled my hair, tore my shirt,
And flung at me a ball of dirt."

"Oh boy, that's too bad.
Be a good kid, or mom will feel sad.
Joy is a good sister,
She loves you a lot,
Care for her young mister.
And fight with her not."

The boy flashed a smile.
He promised me he'd change.
The bus went a mile,
And I suddenly felt strange.

I realised that I could change the kid,
But never the stupid spitter
Or the senseless scribbler.

Sunday, 26 July 2009


The cherry tree in full blossom,
Clings to Mother Earth's generous bosom.
Showering the land with its beautiful flowers.
It creates a spectacle of fallen stars.

Big yellow sunflowers dance in the field,
Reminding me of the paintbrushes angels wield.
A cornucopia of beauty wherever I see,
It tells me that nature holds the key.

The ever-abundant splendid stream,
Teaches me to have many a dream.
I take a dip in its pure water.
It is Mother Earth's loving daughter.

I become one with nature,
Suddenly remembering my mediocre stature.
As Dasan* says I'm just an ant,
That runs atop a guava plant.

I love this world,
To which I was hurled.
I cherish this life,
Despite all the strife.

I think not of sorrow,
I know it would vanish morrow.
I can soar high,
Without heaving a sigh.

I'll stay alive forever.
I'm Existence's lover.

*Dasan: Refers to the Tamil poet Bharathidasan who said "We human beings living on this Earth are similar to the small ant that runs on top of a guava fruit. Hence, we need to be humble".

Saturday, 25 July 2009

God, The Omnipresent

I know I can't write poetry,
When I start thinking.
My thoughts don't rouse the poet in me.
My love for poetry does it.

Many an hour have I spent making futile efforts,
To summon the poet within.
I had no clue about him,
About his abode as well.

I sought him exhausting my intellect,
I employed logic to detect him,
He remained elusive as always.

By hook or crook I wanted to know him.
My deceptive ways failed to show him.
I dropped my vanity.
I lost my sanity.
I pondered his presence in absolute serenity.

I cried to see him.
I died to feel him.
I pleaded him that I needed him.
I discovered that I was in love with him.

Silencing my intellect,
I offered oodles of love to him.
I found him,
I went around him.

My love! My soul!
Without you I'm not whole.
The god in me is that poet.
Holding his hand I'll sing many a duet.


Three hundred days of obscurity,
Did I spend in thy womb.
Unaware of the world,
Unaware of my self.

Thou showed me the way,
Thou gave me the light.
A millennium is insufficient to repay you,
Even if I use all my might.

The Mystic

Sitting by the window of the bus,
With earphones plugged in.
I'm enjoying the music, plus
Thinking of ways to win.

A madman gazing at the sky,
Gains my attention,
He looked like he were about to fly,
And succeed in making divine ascension.

I started thinking about him,
Staring at him with a fixed gaze.
I concluded his intellect was dim,
And that beyond limits was his craze.

Suddenly I heard the Vedas being chanted.
I looked around with wonder.
Oh! The madman was looking enchanted.
I realised that I had made a blunder.

The mystic woke up from his trance,
And gave me a pleasant smile.
It reminded me of Rudra's cosmic dance,
Making me momentarily immobile.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Princess Pure

Snow white is her complexion,
Adding beauty to the already beautiful world.
Kissing the terrain with her silky fur.
This cute kitten lies on the grass,curled.

Happiness flows abundantly when I behold her.
I like this playful little beauty.
Princess of nature's kingdom, she also
Reminds me of Mother Earth's bounty.

Inscribed her name in my heart.
Yells at me with her sweet voice.
A wonderful subject for any art,
Donates me a bundle of innumerable joys.

Allures people with her innocent blue eyes,
Reflects my carefree life as a child.
She dozes instead of catching mice
And pretends as if she were wild.

Not a single day is complete without her.
I hope these memories do not blur.

Saturday, 4 July 2009


I see an old man lying lifeless,
With a group of mourners singing elegies.
His sons quarrel among themselves,
For a lion's share of his wealth.

I see a couple of young women
Talking about their sarees and fashion.
Their interest is immense
And glows brightly their passion.

A well-wisher comes with a garland
And lays it on the corpse.
Some people stand there restless
As if they were brought there by force.

The man playing the parai (South Indian percussion instrument)
Is unmoved by all the activity.
He is an intellectual and is
Aware of life's cruelty.

Deep in my thoughts
I realize that the body is what perishes,
Not the soul.
I learn to embrace life on the whole.

The gleeful laugh of an infant distracts me,
Instantly attracting me towards it.
Seeing its blissful, smiling face I understand that
Everything else dies, when innocence dies.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Yanni, The mage of music

'The rain must fall' from my eyes,
Taking away my sorrow with it.
I have always been 'Within attaction'
And forever in love.
Like a 'Quiet man'
I have made many 'Whispers in the dark'.

Your music caresses my cells,
Charging them with peace.
The reason for my wanting to shed tears
Listening to your music, is still unknown.

A happy melancholy,
That is the genre of thy music.
Divine, noble, heart-rending are thy musical notes.

Why is it that I depart from this mound of flesh called body,
While touched by the magical notes of your works?
My spirit exults, my soul escapes me
To go 'Dance with a stranger',
Reaching unimaginable heights.

Thy 'One man's dream',
'Swept away' all my weaknesses.
The 'First touch' of thy music
Evokes my 'Nostalgia'.
I'm still a 'Quiet man'.
I'm forever YOUR die-hard fan!!

NOTE: The words within quotes are popular tracks composed by Yanni.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009


I'm forever your victim,
You have enslaved me.
You have occupied me upto the brim,
You are a flower that attracts many a bee.

I've spent numerous nights with you,
Listening to your sweet sound.
You are like the fresh, early morning dew
And one of the greatest gifts I've ever found.

The more you are with me,
The happier I am.
You are like the abundant sea,
That cannot be stopped by a dam.

Be with me forever,
I'll be happy always.
I'm your insane lover,
Who admires your infinite grace.

You can bring down the rain,
And heal the sick,
Apart from alleviating my pain,
Oh! Enchanting music.

Friday, 13 February 2009

My Quotes

1.) How cruel is he who would make a fuss over less pepperoni on his pizza when his brethren cannot even afford a slice of bread!

2.) Man's downfall begins when his thoughts change from 'positive' to 'superlative'. A truly great man says, "I'm great"; a moron says, "I'm the greatest".

3.) The colours of Virtues, Imagination, Belief, Gratitude, Youth, Optimism and Remembrance constitute the RAINBOW of life.

4.) A man without gratitude is like a tree bearing sour fruits. His laurels are worthless.

5.) Heed the words of he who criticizes you rather than he who praises you. The former paves the path to your success, the latter to your peril.

6.) It would take aeons for the Almighty to write the names of those who are highly talented but a minute is enough for him to write the names of those who utilized their talents properly.

7.) All the world's a stage. Isn't it a natural phenomenon that the audience hurls tomatoes and eggs on the performer?

8.) Passion is the first step; patience is the next. Pursuit is the third step; pinnacle is the last.

9.) Perspective is that eleven letter word that distinguishes an artist from an average person.

10.) The problem is with the shoulder if you find the burden to be unbearable.

11.) Quality is always inversely proportional to quantity. Perhaps that is the reason why most of the great minds left this world at a young age.

12.) It is the roof that has to endure both the heat and hail though it may have a thousand pillars to support.

13.) A rock knows not the distinction between a breeze and a hurricane.

14.) Above all the ornate jewels of English grammar, my most favourite is the Abstract noun. Qualities that cannot be seen with the eye yet deemed high.

15.) Acceptance is the key for a good relationship. Everyone has to accept their own mistakes and accept the other person for his.

16.) Theory says that man evolved from monkey but I feel a few evolved from dog. Yesterday I saw two dogs fighting for a territory and today I saw two factions doing the same.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I'll miss you a lot dear brother

I look at you with a sense of fraternity,

You are not apart from me,

You are a part of me.

I'll miss you a lot dear brother.

Many a moment of joy have I had with you,

With a minuscule dosage of disappointment here and there.

I cherish those memories greatly, as I know

I'll miss you a lot dear brother.

You taught me to bat, you taught me to bowl.

You taught me to live life on the whole.

I'll try to be happy though I'm sure

I'll miss you a lot dear brother.

My mentor, my role model, my source of inspiration,

How can I ever forget you and all that celebration!

I have realized that nothing is eternal in this world,

With love being an exception.

It has bound us together and made our bond immortal.

With loving hearts and truth by our side,

We'll be together forever dear brother.