Tuesday, 25 October 2011


My mind beams with pride,
my heart leaps with joy.
I'm becoming the man
I was predicted to be.

I'm a trusted friend,
I'm a lovable mate.
I know I'm valued
for the good qualities in me.

I've been given many a gift
by the Lord Almighty.
I still count my blessings
for giving me both hardships and strength.

I'm bound to achieve more.
I'm bound to fly higher.
I'm bound to dream more and more.
I'm bound to make them real.

No matter what goals I achieve,
no matter what heights I reach,
no matter how famous I become,
no matter how much greatness I obtain

I want not vanity
but loads of Humility.
For I must do justice to my name,
and not be a tragic irony.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Without Any Regrets

The day was good;
I had a wonderful time.
Concerts, plays, movies -
spending a lot of time with my friends.

I don't miss home;
I don't feel lonely.
There is not an instance of sorrow.
There is no fear, but only hope for morrow.

I'm ecstatic almost always.
For unending joy, I've found all ways.
My life is full of laughter and smiles.
But I do realize there are many more miles.

I can't kill hope,
I can't kill love
though pain and grief
are their close friends.

I want to remember you
like the air I breathed yesterday -
transient, vital,
yet painless when it left me.

Don't become one with the air anymore.
I don't want to let you in again.
Fly away,
fly away to an unknown place.

I don't want you to appear
in the montage of my sub-conscious thoughts -
my dreams -
when I want to enjoy every second of my wakeful sleep.

I don't want to be moved to tears
when I read Tagore's love poems.
I don't want to remember you
when I encounter anything even remotely related to love.

All I want is
to be able to look into
the eyes of 'the one'
without any regrets.