Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Violence- the language of the weak

"Beat him to pulp! Beat him to pulp!"

Rants the ruffian on top of his voice.

Where is humanity?

Where is fraternity?

When love is lying dead in a grave.

When there is no value to the invaluable life.

The hands that ought to be holding pens

Are wielding highly lethal weapons.

Where is the nation heading towards?

When lawmakers are turning into lawbreakers.

The cruelty, the violence in their heart

Erupting out like volcanoes

Brutality flowing through their veins

The answer for which no one knows.

Always hungry for adversity

But still we say, "Unity in diversity".

When will there be a righteous end

To this inhumane, shameful, foolish trend?

A respect for human life is all that we ask.

Why has being compassionate become a Herculean task?


Friday, 14 November 2008

Pain at the sight of divine beauty

The moon that plays peekaboo with the clouds

Tells me thousand tales of beauty.

Milky white in its complexion,

It makes me go crazy.

Instant love, insane glee,

Is what the moon offers.

Casting on us its magic spell,

Alluring us with its snow-white shell,

It is the best companion of a loner.

I wish I were its owner.

Whatever I've beheld with my eyes,

In this trivial span of human life,

Is not as gracious as the moon.

This harbinger of joy and a poor child's toy,

Is undoubtedly nature's greatest boon.

Perched upon the expansive space,

Anointing the world with its pure silvery rays,

It has brought many a change in history,

Its true nature will remain a mystery.


Thursday, 13 November 2008

An Ode to the Bengal Tiger

Big and ferocious is this beast.
Enchanting big cat of the East.
Nature's conundrum in its stripes,
Growling at us boldly.
A matter of pride for India,
Living in exile sadly.

Tired of being hunted down,
It ceased roaming around freely.
Going down in its population and
'Endangered' tag pinned on it, it is
Roaring for its revival and
Struggling for its survival.


The Ecstasy of Art

Holding your outstretched hands,
I touch the peak of absolute ecstasy.
Never have I lost myself
As much as I have, when you are with me
Whichever form you may be in
Your natural charm has never failed to appease me;
Thou art art my definition of happiness.

Rendering pleasure till the last cell of my body
I'm thankful to my senses,
That I can enjoy you in your full glory.
Many a man would have mastered you,
But the very thought that you chose me
Makes me leap towards the sky.
A medicine for a pain-stricken heart,
A voice for my unspoken thoughts.

Thou art art my definition of happiness.
- Mr.ClAiRvOyAnT

Broken- the sorrow of losing a friend

Your memories in my mind,
Strewn all over like crisp autumn leaves on the ground.
I can neither restore them nor turn them green.
New foliage may occupy the branches
But the scars left behind
As the signs of the lush greenery look at me mockingly.
I stand gazing at the leaves, finding solace in them.
I cannot relive those moments but
I can recollect them for sure.
The minute details and the happy moments run in my mind
Like the veins of the leaves.
Their sharp edges stab me mercilessly.
I can tolerate the pain no more.
I need a welcome change.
A gentle breeze to soothe my heart or
A gust of wind to blow the leaves away.