Saturday, 12 December 2009

Childhood and the Cruelty of Life

Poopy pants, dirty hands
Wandering in the beach sands.
An uncanny gait,
To support your weight.
Your mind dwells in wonderlands.

Your voice is sweet, your hair is neat.
So cute are your little feet.
Your eyes are blue
And lovely too.
So don't wander in a crowded street.

I wish you're like this always,
As bright as the sun's rays,
But life is hard,
Says this young bard.
It has to show you all ways.

Following Your Footsteps

Many a poet has roamed this earth,
Amazing people with his great skill.
Hard was the path you trod since birth,
As you had possessed an iron will.

Kindness unmatched dwelt in your heart,
Aesthetic sense you had a lot.
Valuable in revolution was your part, and
In unending sorrow you believed not.

Barren are the hearts of men,
Hungry only for money and fame.
All the words that flowed from your pen
Reached no one's ears, Oh! What a shame!

Always strove to ward off ignorance,
Tirelessly worked for human welfare.
Hurt deeply by your permanent absence,
I feel that God is just not fair.

Yet to find a noble soul
As compassionate as you.
Awe-inspiring was your phenomenal role.
Recognized then only by a few.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Live to Love, Love to Live

Listen to me Oh! Brothers,
In you keep your trust.
Binds us the thread of love,
Entwining our souls together.
Revive the glory of Mother Earth,
Try to make her happy.
Yesterday is gone, today's newly born.

Ejaculate the sinful thoughts,
Queued up deep in your mind.
Under that rotten spot,
A beautiful soul you'll find.
Love everyone like your own self,
Imagine a happy world.
Treat no one with bitter scorn.
Yesterday is gone, today's newly born.

Forgive and forget,
Recall the child in you.
All your sorrows you convert,
To happiness that's overdue.
Everywhere can you find love.
Remember only to open your heart.
Nomadic will our lives be,
In this prison-like world,
Till we start sharing love.
Yesterday is gone, today's newly born.