Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sparks and Springs

With a spark in the eyes
and a spring in the step,
I begin the day
with cheer and glee.

The numerous glances in the mirror,
the fresh deo paintings on the body,
the wrinkle-free shirt and the well-trimmed beard
reflect my will to seize the day.

The tender touch of the morning breeze,
the warm blanket of the glowing sun,
the resonating laughter of the jolly good roommate
prolong the cheer and newborn glee.

You're always a part of my conversations.
In fact, you're the heart of my conversations.
Yours is a recurring role in my TT* dreams.
Your thoughts accompany the many cones of ice creams.

What is life
sans crushes and soft corners?
Though some men are content
with just wet dreams and boners.

Still, the magic of love works overtime
when the very thought of you
makes me begin the day
with a spark in the eyes
and a spring in the step.

* - Table Tennis

Friday, 2 September 2011


Despite being greeted "Good day" by
an unbearable load of agony,

Despite knowing some dreams are out of reach
like the greedy fox that wanted grapes,

Despite seeing so many efforts shatter into pieces
like ceramic caressing concrete,

Despite enduring unexpected acts of betrayal
with a slight smile and stoic silence,

Despite wetting the pillow
with tears as sacred as blood,

Man goes to sleep
when his mind tells his heart
"Tomorrow is another day."

True strength - strong truth.