Wednesday, 4 December 2013


I wish
I were the moon 
in your sky,
shedding silver light,
adding chill to your air.

Waning wouldn't matter,
for I'd keep returning
in full glory
now and then.

From a distance,
you'd look at me.
I know not 
whether the earth likes
the moon's white.
What's there in it?
The same colour
every day.
What's new?
Still, the waves in the ocean
erupt in joy
at the sight of the full moon.

From a distance,
I'd look at you.
I know the earth
is indeed colourful.
A vast expanse of blue here,
a beautiful blob of green there,
and not to forget
the white of frozen ice.
There are sunflower fields
dancing in a cheerful yellow.
There are tulip farms
posing elegantly,
wearing every single hue of the rainbow.

The moon sees this,
"The Moon likes this."

But I wish
I were the moon
in your sky,
while I stand much afar
like a shining star;
one among many.

[Image courtesy: Andy Serrano]