Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Keep talking to me,
I'll be happy.
Stop talking to me,
I'll still be happy.
For I'm independent.
I live a free life,
Like a butterfly.
Colourful and splendid will my life be.
The thorns of a rose plant may wreck my wings.
The innocent little kid may hold me captive.
I'll be happy.
I'll still be happy.
One fine day I may run out of nectar.
Or I may get slain by a pitcher plant.
I'll accept my defeat openly.
I'll be happy.
I'll still be happy.
I came to this Earth alone,
So shall I leave it.
I celebrate life,
I'm aware of its ebb and flow.
Nothing can stop me.
I'll be happy.
I'll still be happy.

Why are you sad my friend?
Celebrate life every moment.
Explore your self.
You'll find me in you.
We're all stars in the same sky,
We can twinkle brightly.
We're all the notes of the same melody.
We make this song sweet.
Realize that we're one and that we're equal.
You'll be happy.
Come what may.
You'll still be happy.