Monday, 16 February 2015

One Sighed Love

Let me learn to love.

Maybe I'm old school.
Maybe I just love
without even wanting to know more.
Maybe I believe in
love at first sight.
Maybe I do keep
giving my heart away easily.

But I do love
from the bottom of my heart
when I love.

Maybe I lose myself
when I look into her eyes,
and so, keep looking away
lest she feels uncomfortable.
Maybe I just love
and pray for miracles to happen.

I want to hold her hand,
not just shake it.
Maybe my love is indeed foolish.
But how else can love be?

Maybe I want to love her
more than I love to want her.

She doesn't like me like that.
Maybe I should move on
and just don't come back.

Whatever it may be.

Let me learn to love
the way other people do.