Friday, 29 April 2011

Bye bye Home!

I lie down
gazing at the stars,
trying to solve their marvellous mysteries
and admiring Parabrahman's handiworks
dancing on the ethereal stage.

Musical notes make a breezy procession
and awake the happy spot in my heart.
Oh! It's his* music!
No doubt this music melts my heart.

One moment, still like the sea;
the next, sprinting like a stream.
Once rising and falling like a fount,
then like a cataract caressing its mount.

Is it his music?
Or His music?
No way to decipher.
I then realize
his music and
His music are the same.

These song records
leave their records
in the heart.

I can listen to his music
and His music wherever I go,
but I'll definitely miss this particular spot
on the terrace, where
I lie down
gazing at the stars,
trying to solve their marvellous mysteries.

* - refers to my three favourite musicians - Ilaiyaraja, Yanni and Yann Tiersen.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Nomadic Horde

A mass gathering of clouds, a horde:
their fluffy white wings I hastily board
and travel to mystic lands yonder.
My vehicle's nature and origin, from there I ponder.

Snowy white, at times they are.
Sometimes, their dark arms stretch afar.
I wonder if the contrast is due to their notions.
Like man, do they have varying emotions?

Sometimes, they act like a truant child.
On other times, they're everywhere and act so wild.
Different morphs do they always assume;
ethereal enigmas they endlessly exhume.

When I'm a mere human, I marvel at their greatness.
When I'm a super human, I marvel at the greatness of their creator,
the One who gifted them as a vast veil
to the Moon Lady who often wants to conceal her shyness.