Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Flight of a Kite

Adorning its self in colours,
ameliorating its fragile physique
through aerodynamic stability,
a kite prepares well for its impending flight.

With a scape as vast as vast can be,
and just a strand of thread for direction -
in the hand of one who elevates it,
the kite begins its journey upwards, skywards.

It braves strong winds,
apart from flying birds,
and other kites seeking the same progress
that it strives to achieve in life.

Another kite might cut it off mid-air,
thinking its own success lied in bringing its peer down
oblivious to the truth that good kites
will be passionately pursued by kids who know its value.

When the kite falls not to such cut-throat acts
and keeps soaring higher and higher,
it finds its gift in its freedom
and an eye view only birds can boast of.

So, that's the simple story of a kite's flight.
Similar to that of artists wishing to reach a height.

Image courtesy: Tholly