Monday, 24 May 2010

A Silent Wait

Ebullient I become
When I talk about you to my friends.
My passion overflows
When I even utter your name.
The fact that I'm younger than you
Was a bitter pill to swallow.
But the sweetness of love
Made it dissolve within no time.

I feel extremely happy
When you say something good.
I feel equally sad
When you show signs of moving away.
I can't force you to love me,
For love knows no such things.
I can only express.
I can only hope.
I can only wait
While I silently continue to love.

My love for you
Gave me excessive pain.
I found solace when I heard,
"No pain, no gain."

There are numerous things unknown.
There are numerous doubts unsolved.
That doesn't hurt me at all.
As there are numerous reasons to be happy for,
Numerous things to look forward for.
And I'm highly hopeful and sure
That I'm destined to live a fairy tale.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Something Special

Sparkling love leads to many a startling revelation
That's why it is revered by all.
All nice things in life it brings along,
In it without thinking we fall.

So deep have I fallen into it,
I'm at a point of no return.
Irrespective of (the) Sparkle's presence
Incessantly does the flame burn.

Lessons of patience and matchless hope
Has my love taught me so far.
Many other lessons come along with it.
Is there any other teacher on par?

I'd have certainly missed a lot in life
Had I not fallen in love.
Love, the greatest gift bestowed upon the Earth,
The reflection of the Divine One above.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Some Things Never Change

It felt too good when I reclaimed my childhood.
Excitement was rife when I heard the plan.
From all the rough times we had gone through,
From all those moments of tension,
We found great relief in that little outing.

Nothing had changed.
Everything was just as we had seen.
There were the fruit-sellers,
There were the flute-sellers.
There was the vast expanse of sand
Near the aquatic wonderland.
We sat chatting with each other
Savouring those precious moments.
We were all smiles.

This time I didn't want to buy a flute.
This time I didn't want to ride a horse.
I wanted the smiles to last long,
The smiles that resembled a joyful song.

Ten years ago, I held heaven in my hand
In the form of a He-man toy.
Now I held the same
In the bonding that gives joy.

No quarrels with my sister,
No tears for the things I couldn't buy.
But the smiles were real,
The smiles were pure.

It makes sense as I'm now a man.
I cherish these moments.
I'd like more of them.
Life goes on, things change fast.
But the sea exists forever
And so does the love we get in a family.

Some things never change.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Dejection - II

The sun is on song on summer days,
Dry and sultry becomes the whole place.
At home some times it's like a furnace,
To get some relief I slept on the terrace.

I admired the horde of moving clouds
That enveloped the sky like fluffy shrouds.
I gazed at stars and loved the moon,
Little did I know that I'd have to leave soon.

I occasionally checked my mobile phone,
'Cause silent is my message tone.
I went to sleep and started to dream,
Dreams sweet like chocolate and whipped cream.

A droplet of water touched my lips,
A few also fell on my finger tips.
I opened my eyes to look at the sky.
Rain bearing clouds were sailing so high.

I got up and rolled my mattress
And headed towards my little fortress.
This week it happened at 1 A.M.
What a progress!
Last week it was 4 A.M.

Thank You, Facebook

Flipping through those endless pages

Abundance of thoughts I see.

Creativity in various stages

Exhibits this place, for free.

Brothers and sisters from faroff lands

Opened their worlds to me.

Our affection makes us join hands to

Know the value of humanity.