Friday, 19 October 2012

Method in Madness

A slither, a slide,
a flutter, a glide.
A hop, a leap,
a focus, a peep.
A swim, a crawl,
a hiss, a bawl.
A bite, a sting,
a pounce, a spring.
A creep, a sprint,
a stare, a squint.
A fur, a scale.
A male-turned-female.
A trunk, a snout,
a beak, a mouth.
A woof, a caw,
a talon, a paw.
A wing, a fang,
a shark, a tang.
A stripe, a spot,
a few, a lot.

Random - there's no such thing.
A method is in what they sing.
The vast variety in nature -
paints God's own caricature.
Brims with ferocity yet full of love.
Man, the animal, is never above.