Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Destined for a Miracle

For once, I don't want to question the way life works.
For once, I don't want to know if I control my destiny or it, me.
For once, I don't want to ask "what if's" or "why's".

I'm content.
I'm happy.
I love the way things are shaping up.

Once - it might be a coincidence.
Twice - I would force myself to believe it's a coincidence.

It keeps happening again and again.
Why then would I disagree
if it's indeed a miracle and not a coincidence?

The deep ocean of reasoning
would point me to some good oysters.
But why do I need logic
when I can revel in beauty?
The beauty of knowing that the Universe responds.
The beauty of the way destiny casts its magical spell.
The beauty of life.
The beauty of love.